8 (3953) 41-47-10
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Bratsk, Mira St., 35

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The full name of the company:

“Taiga Tours” open joint-stock company   

 Abbreviated name of the company: “Taiga Tours”  OJSC
ITN (Individual Taxpayer number):   3804004000   
IEC  ( Industrial Enterprises Classifier):   380401001  
Legal address:   35, Mira street, Bratsk, 665717     
Postal  address:  35, Mira street, Bratsk, 665717   
Settlement account: 40702810518090100517  
Correspondent account:  30101810900000000607   
Name of the Bank: “Baikalsky”  Bank of PJSC SberBank of Russia, Irkutsk city  
BIC (Bank Identification Code) :   042520607  
OKVED (All-Russia classifier of types of Economic Activity) : 55.1- Hotel services
68.2- rent and management  of private or rented
non-residential premises
OKPO ( All-Russia Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations):  02573792  
Registered: By the Administration of Bratsk city, on 02.02.1993  
PSRN (Primary State Registration Number):     1023800843263 issued by IFTS (Federal Tax  Service 
Inspectorate)  for the Central Administrative district of Bratsk  
City of Irkutsk region    on 03.12.2002
OKATO (All-Russia Classifier of Administrative- Territorial Division):     25414370000  
OKFS (All-Russia Classifier of Forms of Ownership) : 16  
OKOPF (All-Russia Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms):  12200  
General Director: 
(In accordance with the Company Charter) 
Jury Antonovich Vaivada 
(3953) 41-40-00
Chief accountant : Elena Nikolaevna Tereshkova
(3953) 41-39-60
Technical Director (Chief Engineer):    Sergey Vladimirovich Taran
(3953) 41-58-57
Book-keepers :   (3953) 41-43-19     
Fax: (3953) 41-43-15  
  Simplified taxation system  
  Notification  № 3848 of  06.11.2009   
е-mail: taigahotel@mail.ru (reception)
taigasekret@gmail.com (secretary)
taigagost@mail.ru (economist)